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Enterprise Networking:

Welcome to ConnectUp IT Solutions, where innovation meets reliability in the world of Enterprise Networking. We take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions sourced from top-tier IT vendors worldwide. Whether you seek the latest technology or a blend of new and pre-owned components, our focus on technology and cost ensures that our offerings are not only diverse but also uniquely tailored to your needs.

Enterprise Networking Excellence:

At ConnectUp IT Solutions, we transcend conventional boundaries. While we offer products from industry giants, our commitment extends to identifying and integrating solutions from niche players, adding unparalleled value to our clientele. From Core Routing & Switching to Security and Mobility technologies, we bring a wealth of expertise to assist organizations in harnessing technology for business enablement.

Core Routing & Switching:

Our consultancy spans the spectrum of Core Routing & Switching, delivering unparalleled design and implementation services. As technology evolves, our solutions adapt, providing organizations with robust and secure networks capable of handling voice, video, and data seamlessly. Embracing 10 Gigabit Ethernet as the LAN core standard, we simplify network complexities through advanced routing and switching technologies, optimizing operations and enhancing security.

Key Infrastructure Solutions::

1.) Complex Routing Design: Tailored and optimized for your network needs.

2.) WAN Migration: Seamless transitions to MPLS, Metro Ethernet, FR, ATM, etc.

3.) 10 Gigabit Ethernet LANs: Empowering your network core with high-speed connectivity.

4.) Fiber Channel over Ethernet DC Solutions: Enabling new possibilities in data center connectivity.

5.) Load Balancing: Efficient distribution of server and network loads.

6.) Virtual Switching: Simplifying complex spanning tree and routing architectures.

7.) Network Assessments: Identifying and optimizing infrastructure capabilities.

8.) Wireless Solutions for Unleashed Connectivity:

Wireless Solutions:

ConnectUp IT Solutions empowers organizations with wireless solutions that redefine freedom and flexibility within networks, providing a strategic edge in the industry.

Secure Wireless Networking:

In an era where wireless networks are indispensable, ConnectUp IT Solutions ensures security without compromising mobility. Our architecture offers zero-day response to threats, host intrusion prevention, and centralized security management, guaranteeing the integrity of corporate information and systems.

Key Security Solutions:

1.) Secure Guest Access: Providing secure network entry for guests.

2.) Wireless Device Network Admission Control: Regulating access for authorized devices.

3.) Wireless IDS: Swift detection and response to wireless network intrusions.

4.) 802.1X Authentication: Strengthening network security through robust authentication measures.

5.) ConnectUp IT Solutions - Where Connectivity Meets Ingenuity.