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Enterprise Networking:

ConnectUp IT Solutions takes great pride in the fact that we introduce valued priced solutions from the best IT vendors in the world. We offer new, pre-owned, or combination of both while keeping technology and cost as primary considerations. We not only sell the largest OEM's on the planet we also look for the niche players that truly shake up the market and add unique value to our customer base.

Core Routing & Switching:

ConnectUp IT Solutions provides consulting, design and implementation for a myriad of solutions within the latest Core Routing & Switching, Security, and Mobility technologies to assist organizations with their mission to enable the business through the use of technology.

ConnectUp IT Solutions provides organizations with routing and switching design and implementation of all complexity levels needed to effectively and securely connect networks, while using integrated devices capable of delivering voice, video, and data.

The proliferation of server virtualization and bandwidth demanding applications, such as IP based video, have driven the evolution of enhanced routing and switching technology. As a result, 10 Gigabit Ethernet is the de facto standard in the LAN core today. In addition, new virtual switching technology simplifies the ongoing management of traditionally complex spanning tree and routing architectures.

Many of the features and functionality inherent in today's infrastructure are not enabled or configured optimally. ConnectUp IT Solutions takes an approach that utilizes the advanced capabilities of Cisco routers and switches, as well as, network optimizing appliances, to provide added levels of security, simplify ongoing operations, and improved network and application services.

A subset of core networking infrastructure solutions includes:

1.) Complex Routing design and configuration

2.) WAN migration (MPLS, Metro Ethernet, FR, ATM, etc.)

3.) 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN's

4.) New Fiber channel over Ethernet DC solutions

5.) Server and Network Load balancing

6.) Virtual Switching

7.) Network Assessments

Wireless Solutions:

ConnectUp IT Solutions can provide organizations with wireless solutions that enable freedom and flexibility in your network, which in turn helps you maintain your competitive advantage in the industry.

Site Survey:

To ensure the successful deployment of a new wireless network, ConnectUp IT Solutions provides comprehensive site surveys that include inspection of the four main design requirements: high availability, scalability, manageability, and interoperability.

By engaging in this task-by-task surveying process, ConnectUp IT Solutions will discover the potential radio frequency problem areas, and determine the appropriate wireless solution to address the problems and needs of the facility.

The ConnectUp IT Solutions site survey enables new wireless network solutions to be planned, deployed and implemented in a more efficient and profitable fashion.

Secure Wireless Networking

With increasing dependence on wireless networks, it is becoming ever more difficult to ensure network security while allowing and providing end users with the freedom and mobility they need to do their jobs. ConnectUp IT Solutions provides secure wireless networking solutions that ensure the integrity of corporate information and systems.

The architecture offers zero-day response to passive and active threats and attacks, host intrusion prevention, and integrated authentication framework for wireless devices trying to access the network, all while providing network administrators with simple centralized security management.

1.) Secure Guest Access

2.) Wireless device Network Admission Control

3.) Wireless IDS

4.) 802.1X authentication